Thursday, 23 June 2011



Ahhh summer has begun!
...not in terms of weather, but in terms of lack-of-school.
...7 weeks of freedom and nothingness.

I'm not going to waste this summer, I promise myself that now.  I want to go places, see things, and eat things.  I want to be able to go back to school feeling satisfied.  I want to take pictures and get on trains - I want to have a proper summer.  The kind that my friends and I promise ourselves every year.

Two weeks in Holland too. Ready to fly through the dunes on two wheels and pedalo over the still canals.

Where to start...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day

I've finally decided that this blog is going to be something I do frequently over summer, as so far my posts have been minimal.  I know that no one reads these but there's an aspect of that that I like - being able to throw words out into the 'world wide web', without them getting caught.  It's refreshing.

Anyway, today was father's day - what a wonderful day for all.
The rain hovered over the heads in Scotland the whole day while me and the family sat round a creeky table with big plates of greasy fry up in a tearoom in Callander.  Yes, funnily enough that was me and my brother's kind father's day gift - the father himself taking us out for 'brunch'.  Of course he also received a card, we're not that inconsiderate...

The grey clouds have passed now though, I managed to have my steak and chips outside.  That few hours of sunshine can remind you that life is actually bloody well good, which is why I find myself here writing about it.

-There's always time to complain about the weather
Seasons change in a day just like each other
But we wait for summer

Friday, 3 June 2011

Start of the Summer

Home to find notifications on Facebook of pictures taken last night under the purple lighting of the classy Fubar.  What a great start to the time we have between exams finishing, and being sent our results... time to just enjoy ourselves.  The feeling of being able to come home after a wee wild night out and not feeling guilty about lack of revision.  The sun's out, bring on the summer!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blogging, I Don't Understand You Yet.

Day two of having a blog and still don't really understand the idea behind it... do I spill out emotions and refuse to synch it with my facebook? Write a load of nonsense and allow it to be exposed to faces I see daily? or, select a topic like fashion or music and completely illuminate the personal attachments...

I've decided upon just writing. Just writing in whichever way I feel, about whatever I feel like writing about.  Just gazing at this big white box and cluttering it with pointy black letters.  Not knowing what to write about, and writing about it. Giving a detailed account of hours spent doing nothing, or simply turning the fact that I painted my nails into 'Times New Roman' characters.  I sneezed today.  I read an incredibly thought provoking chapter of a book today and this is how I felt... I'm going to fluctuate between absolutely pointless and spectacularly interesting (interesting being, "me and my friend were able to fit 8 maltesers in our mouth today, it was wild").

No more energy to muster words, have a picture instead.  Where I want to be, drinking coffee in Paris.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My First Time Blogging

Mid-exams. I feel a bit of creativity in some form or another would make for a good diversion. I've created a theory that the cramming of knowledge takes up a high capacity of thinking-space, leaving little room for general thoughts... causing you to put socks in the bin and tissues in the washing basket.  So, here goes...