Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blogging, I Don't Understand You Yet.

Day two of having a blog and still don't really understand the idea behind it... do I spill out emotions and refuse to synch it with my facebook? Write a load of nonsense and allow it to be exposed to faces I see daily? or, select a topic like fashion or music and completely illuminate the personal attachments...

I've decided upon just writing. Just writing in whichever way I feel, about whatever I feel like writing about.  Just gazing at this big white box and cluttering it with pointy black letters.  Not knowing what to write about, and writing about it. Giving a detailed account of hours spent doing nothing, or simply turning the fact that I painted my nails into 'Times New Roman' characters.  I sneezed today.  I read an incredibly thought provoking chapter of a book today and this is how I felt... I'm going to fluctuate between absolutely pointless and spectacularly interesting (interesting being, "me and my friend were able to fit 8 maltesers in our mouth today, it was wild").

No more energy to muster words, have a picture instead.  Where I want to be, drinking coffee in Paris.

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