Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day

I've finally decided that this blog is going to be something I do frequently over summer, as so far my posts have been minimal.  I know that no one reads these but there's an aspect of that that I like - being able to throw words out into the 'world wide web', without them getting caught.  It's refreshing.

Anyway, today was father's day - what a wonderful day for all.
The rain hovered over the heads in Scotland the whole day while me and the family sat round a creeky table with big plates of greasy fry up in a tearoom in Callander.  Yes, funnily enough that was me and my brother's kind father's day gift - the father himself taking us out for 'brunch'.  Of course he also received a card, we're not that inconsiderate...

The grey clouds have passed now though, I managed to have my steak and chips outside.  That few hours of sunshine can remind you that life is actually bloody well good, which is why I find myself here writing about it.

-There's always time to complain about the weather
Seasons change in a day just like each other
But we wait for summer

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